Bar Babette

"counting back from zero"
Group show

with: Fiene Scharp, David Kröll, Marie Rief

Counting back from zero

For sure we all have memories about friends that were lost on the way, moments that won’t return, we figure that the future will never be as sparkling as that whatever big thing you had last summer, losing so many great spaces/ places in Berlin of whatever purpose - the moment of loss cuts as sharp as a knife.

But, past has also shown that wherever sth breaks down something new will rise from it.

Mourning about the past - a phenomena as old as time itself. There must be a way to demystify the sweetned looking back.
The show turns the mourning moment - repurposing i. e. the fabric once wrapping the bar, Marie Rief exhibits the superstitious wish to conserve what’s lost. In an archeologist-like process David Kröll uncovers the layers of hundreds of exhibitions by literally stripping the bar’s walls, while Fiene Scharp’s paper cuts form millimeter paper hover in a state close to dissolving, revealing the point of loss constantly.
The works collect the very human reactions to change, the anxiety that comes with it and the only thing that whatever will come up from the mist of future and what makes us rise everyday (except when u lost it and just killed yourself) - keeping up the spirits.

"counting back from zero".
"counting back from zero".