Bar Babette

"going through grids"
Group show organized by Thomas Leo Chapman IV

8 pm

with: Shelley Tootell, David Rank, Maria-Evridiki Poulopoulou, Lissy Willberg, Philip Topolovac, Jonathan Schneider, Demian Kern, Eli Stevick, Lena Marie Emrich, Andreas ‘sorry’ steffen, Marielena Stark, Paula Carralero, Thomas Leo Chapman IV, Julian Breuer, Andreas Schleagel

Opening of doors to the sounds of meow meow. Purring the dreams alive, for
you are entering the foundation of future bliss. Winding within the
molecular levels of grids. The Human Katzenbaum to the Too Nice King throne
(and Queens). Standing and rocking to and fro the up steppers prance.
Including special guests: Ferries flying in light Blue, Pink, Green, &
Peach squadrons sprinkle rosy cheeks perfectly sparkling.

This is a descendent show of Demian Kern's Hauptfest 2017. From the last
gay Polar Bear in eye contact with the Too Nice King then playing in the
Katzenbaum, joy radiates in the darkest cozy pockets. Resilience with an
attitude towards "betterment" is dared + said while shining honest respect
towards marvelous mountain of ideas and thoughts KOSMETIkSALON BAR BABETTE
has unveiled.

Growing through the grid’s foundation *going through grids* rises revealing
growth. Imminent culture and significant questions arise. What defines
relief? Is culture more valuable than money defined by Banks? Ultimately do
we provide you a disruption to anticipated form?

Performers: Andreas Schleagel as White… the reader & MC sporadically the
entire evening.

Die Süsen Mäuse

ZK Bucket (the Too Nice King) overall control

Easy Eli

Dragon Thighs (rehearsal for the future faction of the PPPPP)

Touch Love Choir


C. Comberti

"going through grids".
"going through grids".