Bar Babette

Female Ejaculation Vol. 1."
Group show invited by Jonny Star"

with: Katharina Arndt, Sindy Butz, Lena von Goedeke, Honey Jernquist, Abigail Lane, Maik Schierloh, Ann Schomburg, Raven Schlossberg, Tanja Selzer, Jonny Star, Berit Uhlhorn

DJ Markus S Fiedler

"Female Ejaculation Vol. 1" will be a show about art, art production and various approaches to the topic. The show will highlight the existence of female ejaculation (outside of the world of pornography) and the power that it contains, if we only look at the "value" and "importance" of male ejaculation in the world view of patriarchal society. It will speak of the social taboo of female ejaculation, causes of shame and social consequences for women. To use this concept to refer to the art world, I say: Male artists ejaculate in art (attitude), with the assumption of geniality, virility and mastery, a privilege still denied to women by millions of stupid men, since women art not supposed to "cum". (Jonny's thesis).

Women are ejaculating, but there is hardly any knowledge of it in the public, many women don't know about it and most men have no clue. There is also very little scientific research about how and why women are ejaculating. Here, women are giving something to the world besides birth, lustful without pain and only for their senses. That is why I believe that female pleasure is viewed as a social taboo in order to take away the power of women and is a tool for the suppression of women. Our collective "installation" at Bar Babette will be a collective "female ejaculation", the ejaculate is feminine, the stimulant can also be male.

The works of the female artists do not necessarily have to deal with "Female Ejaculation". For me, as I said, this exhibition is our collective female ejaculation, which is not credited in society or is not anchored in the social consciousness as a power of women, but just for men. So, we are quite free in choosing a piece. The works of the male artists are quite different. They have to deal with the topic in their works, not necessarily in the narrow context, but on the wider. Here it seems difficult for me to find male artists with works dealing with the subject.

Jonny Star, August 2017

Female Ejaculation Vol. 1.".