Kosmetiksalon Babette

Groupexhibition and Performance

The exhibition shows a synthesis of fashion and photography. The new Spring/Summer '19 collection of the fashion label 'Litichevskaya' will be presented in form of photographs by Lara Ohl and a performance.
The collections of Berlin fashion designer Sonja Litichevskaya are inspired by Russian avant-garde/constructivism and perestroika art.

These two epochs are particularly interesting because both manifested the radical change in culture - in fine arts, theatre, architecture and music.
Particularly and remarkable is the synthesis of the elements of both styles used in the collections - 80s cuts, leather, applications and prints, such as geometric figures or slogans, inspired by the textile and poster art of the 1920s and by perestroika artists.

The lookbook of the new collection was photographed by Lara Ohl. She is living and working as a freelance fashion photographer in Berlin and currently studying art and documentary photography at ‘Ostkreuzschule’. Her works are characterised by a strong presence and the conscious use of colours, her often detail-like photographs only give an idea of the overall picture and give a glimpse of details.

Music from:
Ray Kandinski (Shall Not Fade, complet. - Berlin, De)

Dj Hiero