Bar Babette

Art Talk // Painting with the Camera
Corinna Rosteck

7.30 pm

The basis of Corinna Rosteck’s practice is the reflection of the painting
tradition regarding contemporary possibilities of photography. This raises the question of specific qualities of painting that cannot be replaced by images of the camera. The emotional expression of the medium of photography may contain the answer, whereby the immediate editing of the material and the related sensual quality plays an essential role.

Corinna Rosteck is a freelance artist active in the spheres of photography, video art and installation. After scholarships and grants in London, Paris, New York and Japan she lives and works in Berlin. She is a member
of the German Society for Photography, Cologne and the Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin. In addition to her professional artistic positioning on the art market, she has successfully realized art-on- building installations in public spaces with well-known companies and companies such as B.Braun AG, Kassel/Melsungen, Berliner Wasserbetriebe GmbH, Airbus AG/ Stade, etc.

Art Talk // Painting with the Camera.