Bar Babette

….. i hear snores, on the backseat of your mind
Laura Stellacci - 3D Ausstellung

Once we have understood that to be a one we must be a many (Haraway) what we will need is a sensorium for future states of being, where time and space can collapse into situated presence. Virtual reality raises many questions, but it is interesting as a tool for inspecting the present and its puzzles:

If the clothes are hardly outfits, how we move is hardly dance and this kind of video is hardly a film - all are but fragments of reality.

Please join us for a showing of 6:44 minutes of virtual reality at Salon Babette. The video will be running on a VR headset until midnight. While flirting with technology it will hopefully be hardly virtual at all when we have drinks with you at the bar. The video will also be launched online. It will then be available for viewing on youtube VR with the necessary devices!

With: Ayumi Paul, Anna Regner, Amelie Wittenberg, Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir, Ilit Azoulay, Jascha Kreft, Jella Dehn,

Laura Stellacci, Maurin Dietrich, Mattia Stellacci, Merle Dammhayn, Sarah Rosengarten

CGI : Zwi Zausch - Choreography: Jella Dehn & Laura Stellacci - Music by: Jan Matthé

Technical support and special!! thanks to: Christoph Manz (UdK)


….. i hear snores, on the backseat of your mind.