Bar Babette

Fish Tank

Marie Häefner -

Marie Haefner, born 1991, is a freelance photographer based in Berlin and Frankfurt and will be showing a selection of new works.

John Holten -

John is a Novelist and writer and publisher, born 1984 in Ireland, living and works in Berlin, Germany.
Novels: The Readymades (2009) and Oslo, Norway (2015)
The Readymades will be published in Ireland and the UK by gorse editions in 2018, with an excerpt to be included in 'The Irish Tradition', edited by Rob Doyle ( Dalkey Archive Press, 2018 ).


Vegas is the alter ego of songwriter and producer Sarina Giffhorn, the young Berlin-based artist just made a first tender but ambitious impact in the world of music with her freshly released debut single End Of The World (out now via Better Call Rob).

Vegas will be performing a selection of unreleased material with her solo show.

David Harks

Whether working as a solo artist, with his band Safetalk, or with the numerous other artists he has collaborated with Berlin based British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist David Harks has made a name for himself with his playful mix of psychedelia, electronica, pop and indie.

David will be performing a number of released and unreleased songs with his solo electronic set up, combining ambient-scapes with pop song sensibility.

Fish Tank.