Bar Babette

Solos & duo

JOKE LANZ - turntables

Come to see a last night of music at Bar Babette in it´s incarnation as an art space, before the place will be put to sleep to have capitalist nightmares for an unknown period of time.

Turntable wizard Joke Lanz, well known for his Dada-Punk outfit Sudden Infant and collaborations with Shelley Hirsch, Sophie Agnel and Audrey Chen among others shares the evening with Rudi Fischerlehner, drummer for La Tourette, Xenofox, Gorilla Mask, Lake Felix, etc.

Both have a shared history in playing together in trio with Olaf Rupp, an album of that will be seen in autumn 2018.

This evening will present them both playing solo, followed by a final set in duo.

Solos & duo.
Solos & duo.