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P. A.V.
points and views

Die Kuratoren Branislav Mihalovic aus Serbien und Stephan Klee aus Deutschland sprechen über ihr aktuelles kulturelles Projekt »Commons« mit der Künstlerin Yvon Chabrowski.

The curators Branislav Mihalovic from Serbia and Stephan Klee from Germany talk to the artist Yvon Chabrowski about their current cultural project "Commons".

"Unser Ziel ist es gemeinsame Werte in einem größeren Spektrum von Gesellschaft neu zu denken. Wir möchten eine Ausstellung implementieren als den Grundimpuls des Austausches."

"Our aim is to rethink and redefine our common values in a wider spectrum of society. We want to implement an exhibition as the basic impulse to make interaction work."


YVON CHABROWSKI, is visual artist and

the initiator of the conversation format P. A.V..

It stands for points and views and triggers thought processes on perspectives and narratives used to represent realities.

Interweaving the professional activities of a visual artist,

a curator and cultural manager, Klee works mainly on questions of social space, philosophy and collective working dynamics.

He is co-founder of the association frontviews and develops most

of his works in the framwork of this group of theorists and artists.


a curator from Belgrade, represents also as a member of frontviews

the european bias of the collective.He studied Fine Arts at the University of Belgrad,
was the director of Gallery KM8 and also an influential curator at
the Urban Incubator Association of Goethe Institute Belgrade, Serbia

is a collective of artists and theorists. Based in Berlin we develop different formats of exhibitions in collaboration with different associations and galleries in Germany and abroad. Three main points shape our agenda:

P. A.V. | points and views

P. A.V..