Bar Babette


8 pm


is a platform created to support and embrace Berlin's undergorund scene. It is an experimental project for people to express their personal experiences and visions about who we are, who we support and how we interact with each other and the world around us, personal perspectives from inside out. Our art, our struggles, our fun.

>> It counts with a online zine [BULLSHIT], which comes with the intention of giving a space to talk openly about our surroundings, where we can directly express ourselves, showcase our work and just be, with no restrains or boundaries.
>> A video Channel [SCENEMA], to support and provide different ways and kinds of art/work and to bring entertrainment to our visitors.
>> A music Channel [DANCEFLOOR], to transform a simple visit in a multisensorial experience, bringing up a bunch of local producers and all the crazy tunes, sets and podcasts they have been working lately to rock your days/nights, pres and afters.

++ plus an AGENCY offering you our humble and trashy services, where you can find more about what we have been doing for TrashEra and other parteners/collaborators.

and much more coming soon..

We hope you all will enjoy to navigate, and gag in every single detail we have prepared for you! And don't forget, it's okay to get lost! HAVE FUN!