Bar Babette

From 8.09.-31.12.2018 we make the Café Babette im Kindl!

Am Sudhaus 3, 12053 Berlin

Event management: Anne Zunftmeister-Mertke
+49 176 3838 8943 (Mon to Fri 11am - 3pm)

"The Bar Babette should also be understood as a project space for a cultural practice so distinctive and extensive it could only happen in Berlin. In this way, Bar Babette is a small piece and an outstanding example of an artistic practice peculiar to Berlin. A pinboard, a laboratory, a playground, all in a club atmosphere in a bright and cheerful architecture. Built as a beauty salon in the GDR in 1960." (Peter Lang)

Catalogue: 10 Years Bar Babette.
100 pp., de/en, 7 Euro.

Get your copy at the bar or download a pdf of the book (free of charge)!